A guy makes $5.85 in Kindle royalties off two short “books,” and plans to do it over and over again

My “Kindle earnings” Google alert alerted me to a guy on the Warrior Forum talking about using AK Elite to publish a “book” he had written in MS Word, so he just threw it up in the software and onto Amazon’s KDP platform.

That book was Make money on YouTube – Newbie friendly YouTube promo method that makes expert cry and begging to reveal the secret, and I see it’s only 42 pages long and he says it’s gotten one sale, as you can see from his below screenshot, which shows the one sale for the week ending 8/31/13 — and his $2.09 royalty for that book.

The Publication Date is July 10, 2013, so yes, that’s not much money from 7/10/2013 to the date he took the screenshot, which must’ve been around 9/28/2013, which is the next date “week ending” listed.

That shows his Oil Rig Job – Get a job in a rising offshore industry in 30 days starting from NOW! book, which is even shorter at 13 pages long, with a publication date of September 23, 2013, and two sales as of October 4, 2013, which is amazing to see that two people bought that book at $5.37 at only 13 pages long, giving him $3.76 in Kindle book royalties in a week.

Obviously, if I were to create a longer and more useful book about oil rig jobs — or similar career-minded books that can really help people get work, I hope — it could be even more popular. This guy goes on and on about the Kindle Elite software helping him, and that’s great. I don’t see the necessity of it, but then again, that’s because I already know how to format my Word documents and upload them to the Kindle platform.

It’s interesting all the same, though. Here are the photos:




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Kindle book sales to outstrip sales of Kindle devices

If there was ever a time to publish a bunch of Kindle books, that time is now.

All Things D has a great article that really tells us how much Kindle book sales and other media content sales are primed to outstrip sales of the devices themselves, just as planned:

“Morgan Stanley estimates that Amazon will do $3.8 billion in digital media revenue this year — the selling of digital books, movies, games and other content — and that the business will generate more revenue than device sales next year — with an estimated $5.7 billion in revenue.”

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$6,800 per month in Kindle earnings from a person who shut down their business when their earnings hit $2,500 per month

“I am a prior business owner,” reads an interesting forum post on the Kindle Boards from 2012, saying, “I took a leap of faith and closed my business when my Kindle earnings were only $2500/month a few months ago. So glad I did! My business had so much overhead, it was crazy. With writing I have my editor, my cover artist and my formatter — that’s it! My only fear is taxes, I havent started paying quarterly yet — I have no idea what I can really write off. If these $6800 months continue, I am going to owe a lot.”

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17-year-old makes $3,293.40 from Kindle eBooks (37 of them)

Wow, you can learn a lot from Googling “Kindle earnings,” like the 17-year-old Online Income Tycoon who has published 37 books and has made $3,293.40 from those books.

I find that very inspiring.

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Kindle Sales Eruptor free download link to PDF, anyone?

kindle-sales-eruptor-free-download-linkSo last night my Google Alerts let me know about the new product called Kindle Sales Eruptor on WarriorForum.com, and I read it with interest.

Another day, another sales pitch from people hawking their wares about their latest Kindle! Amazing! Selling! Success!

Yes, I kid about all the hype and the same pattern of selling. First 10 sold out for whatever price and then it was up to $17 last I checked. Yeah, I don’t want to pay 17 bucks for a bunch of hype. Seems like I’ve done enough of that over the years.

What I do like is the fact that this guy talks about selling 214 ebooks in a week on Amazon — quite impressive. And I like that he says the book was only 99 cents, so he’s pulling in the 35 cent royalties on each one. I love that he didn’t try to impress us with some super out there number.

But I don’t know…

A lot of these things seem all the same to me. Hype, hype and more hype. The Kindle Eruptor might be better than Brad Callen’s AKElite that accidentally left the ASIN numbers on his screenshots and I was able to find the books in relation to the software that’s all over the place right now.

I don’t want that software. I can find enough keywords through SEOBook and Google Analytics. The real time comes in writing the actual Kindle books.

I don’t want to outsource my books on Elance or ODesk — I want to write them myself. And I want to write quality. I already have a bunch of ideas in Word documents to be written up and published on Amazon, to join the other books I have that are making money.

That kind of thing takes time, not hype.

Why don’t these Kindle people put their books on Amazon and let us borrow them for free as part of the Prime program? I wonder if they know they won’t sell as well as trying to catch newbies in forums. Or I wonder if they eventually will.

Of course, you can’t put the AKElite software on Amazon.

Eventually, the black hat type of forums usually have the latest Kindle miracle book available as a free download anyway. So I’m sure the Kindle Sales Eruptor free download link will be there soon. And then, yeah, maybe you read a few good tips in ebooks that are “short and sweet” and 11 pages long and you are happy that you didn’t waste money on it.

At least this one claims that you don’t need money in order to make the sales, unlike the other Kindle book whereby a woman made $2,500 or so on Kindle book sales, but then I realized she ran $250 Facebook ads to get there.

Good stuff, yes, but I don’t know…let’s hope the link is online soon.

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EXPOSED: Brad Callen’s AK Elite: Amazon Kindle Book Ranking Software – What’s it all about? Here are some of the books behind those Kindle earnings screenshots…

EXPOSED: Brad Callen’s AK Elite: Amazon Kindle Book Ranking Software – What’s it all about? Here are some of the books behind those Kindle earnings screenshots…

I saw the “AK Elite” link trending, so I did a little research into the software that promises to help Kindle book sales. The last “Earnings Screenshots From Kindle Publisher: Newbie #3″ had something interesting that the webmaster probably didn’t intend to include, because he didn’t include it on his other screenshots: the ASIN number. That means we can discovery the actual Amazon books attributable to those earnings and learn their secrets to selling and making money online.

The first book with the ASIN of B00BT7A2LU is Style, Chic, Trendy, Cheap- How to Get an Expensive Wardrobe With Any Paycheck, which is indeed still priced at $5.99 as the screenshot states.

That one brought in $42.72 in revenue over whatever period the screenshot covers, with 14 sales, 2 returns and I see some bad reviews on Amazon about horrible grammar, so I don’t know how many more sales it will get.

I don’t see anything special yet about the title or product description, other than the fact that it includes actual brand names of fashion items. And its author “”Elle Campbell” only has one book written under that name, so it’s probably a pen name.

B00B3V6UXG is the next book, which is a sad “How To Make Him Want You – The Amazing 7 Step Formula” Kindle book that I don’t even want to link to, specifically because it talks about using sex in one of the steps. I like to lead people in the direction of God’s Word and the comfort of Christ’s arms, not away from it into sinful places that lead to heartbreak.

“Rachel Duthie” is the author of this “masterpiece” which has gotten bad reviews as well, like this telling one:

I am giving one star for the book and zero for the rest, purely because the video links in the book offering to provide more “tips and tricks,” actually make you waste 40 minutes of your life by listening to the author repeat over and over again what these “tips and tricks” can do, but not what they actually are. When you’ve spent 40 minutes waiting for them to be revealed, you are told to buy another product which will reveal them. Scam.

If this is the kind of advice offered in “AK Elite” I can skip that one.

More books from the AK Elite formula Kindle ranking system

Okay, let’s look at another “best-seller” touted by the AK Elite system, which is B00BYMYJWI, a book called How to Write a Sensational Song- The Amazing 7 Step Formula.

There’s that “Amazing! 7! Step! Formula! Again!”

Author “Bella Knight” only has that book on Amazon, so another pseudonym. I don’t blame him here, I’m a big fan of pen names as well.

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This “Wilder” couple has sold nearly 1 million Kindle ebooks in less than one year.

They were able to save their home after they faced the fear of losing it for them and their 5 children when jobs were cut.

The Wilders, their pen names, put out 21 or so books in six months, and made enough to make the monthly mortgage, and then some, I’m sure.

Watch the video about the couple who saved their home by writing ebooks:

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John Locke, first self-published writer to sell 1 million Kindle eBooks — and in only 5 months

John Locke, first self-published writer to sell 1 million Kindle eBooks — and in only 5 months

John Locke

John Locke

When writer John Locke sold 1 million Kindle eBooks in 5 months, Amazon touted it with flourish:

“Amazon.com today announced that John Locke has become the eighth author to sell over 1 million Kindle books, becoming the newest member of the ‘Kindle Million Club,’ and the first independently published author to receive this distinction. As of yesterday, John Locke has sold 1,010,370 Kindle books using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP),” read Amazon’s press release date June 20, 2011.

Soon enough, people like me were snapping up Locke’s book, “How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!” to figure out how to join the Amazon Kindle gravy train.

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How to Make $7K in 6 weeks with Kindle list building? This looks like a scam to me…

Well, my Google alert tipped me off to someone blogging about their “Kindle Earnings,” so of course I went to check it all out.

I found an impressive screenshot of someone claiming to have made $7,000 in 6 weeks:

I even compared the screenshot to my own Kindle earnings page and verified that the numbers made sense, which they did, for the parts I could check.

But then I did a Google search on the image, which I see is attributed to two different names of two different people claiming to have earned that money.

I don’t know which one is the truth, so I’m not going to name either one — but this is the kind of stuff that makes me run.

I wish we knew the real way that the person actually made that $7K in 6 weeks, if that’s true at all.

But inconsistencies like this tell me to save my money.

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Amazon Kindle book-publishing royalties: Choosing 35% and 70% royalties (video)

Tom Corson-Knowles has just uploaded a new YouTube video named “The Difference Between 35% and 70% Royalties on Amazon Kindle,” which gives us an inside peek at pricing our Kindle books:

(If you’re reading this via email, click the link above to visit the KindleEarnings.com website and watch the video.)

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